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Aqua Dragons

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Aqua Dragons® Astro Pets
£ 15,86
Aqua Dragons® Astro Pets Deluxe
£ 25,78
Aqua Dragons® Astro Pets refill
£ 7,92
Aqua Dragons® Underwater world
£ 12,88

Aqua Dragons Aqua Dragons
Aqua Dragons are living aquatic creatures that you hatch and bring to life in your own underwater world. Aqua Dragons are funny swimming creatures with three eyes and a tail. The Aqua Dragons are related to the crustaceans. With these creatures, the eggs can be stored in salt for a long time. When you put the eggs in the water, the eggs will hatch again. If you take care of the Aqua Dragons, you will see them eat, play and grow. You will also learn about the differences between males and females and even how they reproduce.

The team
The team behind Aqua Dragons is part of the World Alive brand that develops products for children with an emphasis on education and wellness. The founder of World Alive is Amy Holden, she launched the Aqua Dragons in 2012 and since then many children around the world have enjoyed hatching and growing Aqua Dragons themselves. When Amy first discovered the amazing creatures and it was known that their eggs could be stored for years before hatching, she knew this would be perfect for children. It is ideal for teaching children about life cycles and the responsibility of a pet.

All Aqua Dragons products meet strict safety requirements for toys and animal products, hygienic and veterinary requirements for the European Union. It is made in ICTI controlled factories.

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