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Ostheimer The values of Ostheimer

Ostheimer is convinced that good, high value products for children can only emerge from a profoundly responsible attitude. At Ostheimer's we take our responsibility very seriously. Producing high quality toys is our main concern but we feel that real quality asks for awareness and care in all aspects involved in this enterprise. That is why we feel that our commitment has to enclose the all of the following tasks:

Ostheimer tradition

For more than 70 years we have been carefully manufacturing wooden figures by hand. It is our desire to provide children with a beautiful and pleasant image of our world with all its human beings and animals. Children do need such pictures to grow up healthy in our world. As manufacturer of high quality toys our work is always focused on the children who will play with our products. We are convinced that while they engage in free imaginative playing they are able to take important steps in their development, they experience the beauty of childhood and gain talents that will strengthen them and help them to meet life with all its challenging aspects. That is what our toys are intended for.

Giving the best to children

Good toys inspire children to embrace the world with all their senses and to roam freely in creative Play which is so essential for every healthy childhood. This idea has been our guideline during the past 70 years of producing hand-made toys of the highest quality. It is our desire to provide children through our toy figures with a beautiful and pleasant image of the world with all its human beings and animals. Children do need such pictures to grow up healthy in our world.

Crafting by hand

Made for children's hands. Each toy is individually crafted. A unique original. We strongly believe, that the hiqh quality can be perceived in a toy that has been made by hand, by many caring hands, from the design all the way to the finished individual product. This is one of the basic impulses of our company and it is a guideline in our daily work as manufacturers of good toys.

Sustainable Production

It has always been an important part of our aims and objectives to use high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials. All our resources are chosen consciously. Our lumber comes from sustainable and local forestry. It is painted with carefully chosen colours and organic oil, to preserve the natural qualities of the wood. By doing so, we make it possible for the child to experience all these qualities in a unique way. In human surroundings, trees appear as an allegory of life. They endow us in many respects. The sight of them delights us; they give us shade, fresh air worth breathing and an abundance of fruits. Wood characterizes our everyday life as a vital material for building houses and furniture. In winter, it supplies us with warmth and light. Another wonderful gift that trees present to us is the possibility to make wooden toys. Treated gently, wood retains its naturalness and energy which will benefit children. They can experience the purity of nature with all their senses.

Wood - Our Natural, Lively Material

At Ostheimer, we appreciate wood and this is expressed in the way we treat this lively material throughout production stage. Starting with the conscious purchase of wood from sustainable forestry, continuing with efficient utilization and ending with the use of residual wood for the heating our buildings. Each step is dedicated to the protection of our environment. Every piece of wood tells its own story. You can experience these stories through our toys. The surfaces are not sealed by paints or varnishes. The careful treatment with paints and organic oils gives children the possibility to experience the vitality of the wood with all their senses.

Work As Social Life

Made by People for People - Thus, Toys Are Created in Highest Quality It has always been a founding idea of our toy company that the cooperative work between people with and without disabilities is an important part of a healthy work process. The interaction of both creates an important basis for everything we do. This is what gives our toys a special human presence. The frame of mind of the people involved in the process will always show in the products they make.

Making New Things Possible

When Margarete Ostheimer converted the company from private ownership into a foundation in the year 2001, it was her desire to support forward-looking initiatives and projects. It has always been her conviction, not to accumulate profits, but to return them back into community. This is still a notably important part of the Ostheimer’s corporate philosophy. The same is true for Ostheimer’s belief that through our toys children are granted that which is essential for their healthy development.

Awareness of Real Quality

If we use the term „quality“ for something, we usually speak of aspects like its nature, material, high class workmanship, safety, healthiness or stability. These values, these kinds of „qualities“ are usually seen and evaluated in products. They can be tested, measured and examined. They are „obvious“, perceivable with our senses. All these aspects are taken into consideration, if we speak of the high quality of Ostheimer products. We are convinced, however, that for real quality in a product you need to look even beyond these physical aspects. All things surrounding us, make an impact on us, not only in respect to what we can see or detect physically. This is all the more true for children who are still developing. Everything that a child encounters has an influence on its development. As toy manufacturers we therefore bear a special responsibility. We feel, it is an important aspect of our work to gain extensive insight in and awareness of all qualities that are effective in products and thus make an impact on children. It is important to us to further deepen our awareness of quality in this way.

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