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Waytoplay extension Start and Finish - 2 pieces
£ 14,87 -50%
£ 7,43
Waytoplay extension Crossings - 4 pieces
£ 10,90 -50%
£ 5,45
Waytoplay extension Parking - 2 pieces
£ 7,92 -50%
£ 3,96
Waytoplay extension Straights set - 4 pieces
£ 12,88 -50%
£ 6,44

Waytoplay Dutch design, German Quality

In 2003 Dutch designer Sybren Jelles invented and prototyped waytoplay for his son Joep and gave the first waytoplay set for his birthday in 2005. Children love to play with cars, both inside and outside. To facilitate carefree use, Sybren further improved waytoplay into the super strong, weatherproof and flexible toy it is today.

In 2012 Sybren invested in a first ‘industrial’ batch. He partnered up with a German ultra-modern injection moulding plant in 2014. In this factory rubber granules are melted and sprayed into moulds at high pressure. Resulting in durable rubber parts. After being shipped to the Netherlands we print the striping and wrap them in cool and colorful packaging. Waytoplay is available worldwide since 2016.

Child safe

We use 100% child safe rubber that complies to the EN-71 standard for children toys. The flexible rubber road tracks are made with a synthetic compound produced in Germany. We did a lot af research before we started. We looked for recycled rubbers and natural latex. Both materials could not comply to required safety standars. So we use clean and new materials only.

Open end play

We believe that every child is a pioneer and that creative playing challenges children. It challenges them to be resourceful, to devise new solutions and create their own unique path. A path that eventually leads to maximum self-development and thus to a better future for the child and the world he or she lives in. Our flexible motorway encourages creative and open-ended play. Children can and will determine their own route.

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